[Healeys] 2 3/16 Hub Nut Socket

Corning, Dan (D.C.) dcorning at ford.com
Thu Sep 7 08:53:23 MDT 2017

I had the same problem and searched all over before I found one that would work.  I took the axle nut with me to several stores and all the 2-3/16th sockets (and other sizes) seemed too loose.  I then went to a Northern Tool store and sized it to each large socket they had.  The KLUTCH 55mm socket Item # 40856 fit the nut tight, better than anything else I ever tried.  Northerntool.com 55mm Socket<http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200653988_200653988>

At only $14.99 it was a great deal compared to other sockets I had seen.  I purchased the socket, used a ¾ to ½ adapter and was able to torque it to spec.  Note: It turned out to be a bit too snug in the socket so I very lightly hand filed the roughness on the flats of the nut and it worked perfectly.


Dan Corning
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