[Healeys] rearaxle hub removal

Stephen Hutchings s.hutchings at rogers.com
Thu Sep 7 08:10:14 MDT 2017

To remember the thread orientation of the hub nuts- they are the opposite of the knock offs.
Stephen, BJ8

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Michael,  I used a 12 pt socket and also a crows foot wrench to put on the new nuts... You really cant generate the required torque with either one; the crowsfoot slips and the 12 pt doesnt have enough engagement on the nut, although it does help to grind the chamfer off as others have said.  But its not ideal.  

I ended up getting them off with a cold chisel and a hammer, and bought new nuts to reinstall.  remember that they are sided; one goes one way and one the other.  I dont recall if they are the same as the knockoffs.  It would make sense that they are, but I was told which way they came off by a reputable Healey shop and they were wrong.  So I can attest that if you bang on it hard enough you can get them off even the wrong direction!  Fortunately I was able to clean up the threads on the axle.  Was not happy with that shop!

Better would be an 8 pt socket or I was going to have a machinist make me a special wrench with an 8 sided cutout.  Some of the octagon knockoff tools are like this like from the TRiumph Stag, but its the wrong size.


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