[Healeys] 2 3/16 Hub Nut Socket

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Forgot to mention that the socket I had made was similar to the factory tool in that it has a pilot shaft built into the tool. It was drilled so I could use a long bar to remove and tighten back up. 

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> Mike, I have a Craftsman 2-3/16" socket (3/4" drive) that I modified to fit the octagonal hub nut (photo attached).  You are welcome to use it for the cost of postage to and from.   I also have some written procedures that I put together for removing and replacing the rear hub bearing.
> As far as the torque is concerned, there is no published value for torque on the nut that I am aware of.  I tighten as much as possible manually, then give the wrench a couple medium whacks with a hammer before bending over the locking washer.
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> Where can I get a 2 3/16th hub nut socket for the 8 sided axle nut?  I also understand this nut should be torqued down to 180+ ftlb of torque.
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