[Healeys] engine trouble

Robert Hughes rdhughes at q.com
Wed Sep 6 01:08:09 MDT 2017

Yes, a friend had this exact problem years ago.  We opened up the 
distributor and found that a screw from one of the ignition wires had 
fallen down to the bottom and was jamming the mechanical advance 
closed.  Removed the screw and the engine ran fine.
1968 BJ8
1960 AN5

On 9/5/2017 10:53 AM, Ed O'Neal wrote:
> OK.  Full tank of non-ethanol gas.  Replaced the fuel filter & fuel 
> pump, cleaned the carb inlet screens and checked the float valves.  
> All new copper fuel lines about two years ago -- SAME PROBLEM.
> WHAT NOW ???
> Gentlemen,
> The BJ7 has been up on jack stands for about 2 months while I did 
> transmission work. Upon completion, the engine was a little had to 
> start, but finally started.  On the road test, the engine would not 
> rev above 2,200 to 2,400 RPM -- light bucking and missing.  I have 
> checked ignition -- dwell & timing and fuel seems OK.  Almost feels 
> like the mechanical advance is stuck.  But I'm stalled.  Anyone had a 
> similar problem ???
> Ed O'Neal

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