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I have a BN1, so things are a bit different, but temps under the bonnet get 
 way up there and my front float bowl is directly over my exhaust without a 
heat  shield. In the past, my car would vapor lock like crazy, the fuel in 
the front  float bowl boiling away. I was a member of the SoCal Healey club 
then and a few  of us were having the same problem. Nothing seemed to work. 
And then George  McHarris came up with the solution. And I followed suit and 
haven't had the  problem since.
    What we did was mount a marine bilge fan along  side the upper end of 
our radiators. Being it's a DC motor, just wire it so the  air flows in the 
correct direction and add some 4" flex to both ends. One end  goes to right 
behind your grill to suck in the cooler air and the other end  off the fan 
goes to right in front of your carbs. Mine is aimed directly at the  front 
float bowl. Did this almost ten years ago now and have had zero problems  since 
with vapor lock. I can sit in traffic and get to 212 and the car still  
idles just fine.
    I put the fan in place with zip ties, so didn't  have to drill any 
holes and everything can come out in a matter of minutes if  necessary. Got the 
fan on eBay under thirty dollars and since it was white, I  painted it with 
flat black paint. Works like a charm and don't see any reason  why this 
couldn't be done in a BJ8 engine bay with some minor tweaking of  positions of 
the fan.

First temporary  installation, wired in place. Blows air right on front 
float  bowl.
Switch on shelf to  turn on and off when needed. 


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roggrace at telus.net writes:

My BJ8 seems to perform better with the increased O2 of lower
ambient temps in the evenings and mornings. There even seem to be fewer  
rattles squeaks and groans too !
I have an oil cooler, electric rad. fan oil temp gauge and standard  rad.
Whenever I spend more than say 20 mins in traffic after the engine oil  is
already up to temp, the idling is impacted due to what must be due to  
increased engine compartment air temp, and the HD8 mixture becoming too  
rich for that
So I decided to do some crude testing, and installed a temp. pick up  near
the rear carb intake.
In an ambient of around 85F and sustained cruising at around 60 MPH –  elec.
rad fan off
Water is 190F
Oil is 165- 170F
Engine compartment is around 130F
At same ambient and elec. fan now on and after 25 mins idling in  traffic
Water is 200F
Oil is 180 F
Engine compartment is over 155F and idling has to be nursed to  avoid
stalling. This must be a build up of exhaust heat with no exit  path.
Have tried to compromise with mixture settings but not yet found a sweet  
So l was wondering if anyone has tried to improve engine compartment  
and how ?
Assume this why some cars have louvers on hood or side of car.
Ideas comments welcome.
On a similar thread has anyone used the cold vent air to bring cooler air  
the carb intake area when cruising  ? Results ?

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