[Healeys] carbs

Mike S phoenix722 at comcast.net
Sat Sep 2 12:11:37 MDT 2017

If I may lean on the Group's Wisdom (capitalized, as it is The wisdom).  
My BJ8 runs fine, but is very hard starting.  The carbs are adjusted per 
the instructions, as is the choke.  Not easy to do the choke, but done.  
When cold, the choke is needed for starting, and in fact, almost won't 
run without it, but once it's warm, choke not needed.

Battery is charged, electrical connections all tight.  In fact, the 
starter spins rapidly.

I have found that if I depress the float on one of the carbs for a 
couple of fuel pump clicks (in other words, priming it), it starts right 
up and idles and runs fine.

Any ideas will be appreciated.


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