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The story about the FPF engine fitted to the Healey Boat is also mentioned
in DMH's book 'My World of Cars'. Yes the engine was rebuilt and sent out to
a customer in Australia.

There were a couple of Sprites in this country with Climax FWA engines and
when I bought my first Austin-Healey 100 back in 1972 I had the choice
between it for $1,275 and a Climax powered Turner for $1,500. I couldn't
afford the Turner so bought the 100. Often wonder what would have happened
if I bought the Turner. Probably be more impecunious than I am now.

Hoo Roo

Patrick Quinn
Blue Mountains, Australia

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I've been reading "Climax in Coventry" by Walt Hassen with Graham Robson.
Graham mentions that Jack Brabham fitted Climax Coventry engines to about
150 Triumph Heralds, Austin-Healey Sprites and the like.  Any examples exist

He also talked about Donald Healey borrowing and fitting a 2 liter FPF
engine (180 hp) to a 15' Healey boat for a six hour race on the Seine in
Paris.  The boat was piloted by Tommy Wisdom and the hull was holed during
the race by a partially submerged log.  The boat sunk but was located and
recovered.  The engine was rebuilt and sent to the customer who had already
purchased it.


Bob Haskell
AHCA 3000 MkI registrar

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