[Healeys] 1967 Austin Healey 3000 MK 111 for Auction - Plus Other Classics

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Fri Nov 24 17:12:21 MST 2017

Good afternoon /good morning guys

As you have been talking about prices of Healey Sales on Wheeler Dealers ( Healey episode not yet shown here 
in Aust )  thought you might be interested in an Auction coming up here in Melbourne at 7.00 pm Monday evening 
our.time featuring a nice looking 1967 3000 MK 111 (BJ8) and a number of other British and American Classics

We are 19 hours ahead of the West Coast time zone and 16 hours ahead of the East Coast Time zone it’s close 
to 11.00 am Saturday here as I type this

The Healey features at LOT 32 and has an indicated price range of $ Aust $74,000 to $ 82,000 roughly $US $56400
to $ 62,450 . Unfortunately the $ Australian dollar is only worth about  $ 0.76 US at the moment

Transportation and import costs for us here down under for a vehicle are about $ Aust $3000 or $US $2300

You will note that a lot of the US Classics are still Left Hand Drive so no conversion problems

The auction company is Shannons and the Catalogue can be viewed at ;

Upcoming Car Auctions - Auto Auctions- Melbourne


Hope this makes it through NFI

Graeme M

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