[Healeys] Engine Block Filler for Healey Engine

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Harold, I am not sure about the situation you describe, but I can tell you
that after a 10 year chase to stop oil from getting into the coolant in my
BN7 using multiple head gaskets and the Southern Carburetor drilling kit,
etc., Hardblok did the job perfectly. Attached is an image of where my
builder put it, rolling the block to place the product where he deduced the
seepage came through. In this specific use, I do not think there was much
change in heat transfer. Jim Wojcik, MN


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I would like advise and comments about the pros and cons of partially
filling the water jacket with engine block filler on a Healey 3000 engine.
For those who have not aware of this process here is a website for one the




The engine I have was sitting idle for 35 years without draining any of the
coolant and I am concerned corrosion may have reduced the material thickness
between the oil gallery and the water jacket. I am contemplating filling the
block to just below the frost plugs primarily to reduce the chance engine
oil under pressure can migrate through porous parts of the block and into
the cooling water jacket.



Second barrier between oil gallery and water jacket

Stiffens the bottom of the piston sleeves

Keeps cylinders walls from flexing

Reduces blow by and piston wear



Reduces coolant volume

Reduces contact area between piston sleeves and water jacket

Cannot be removed


There is no going back if I decide to do this and I am wondering if the risk
is worth the reward.


Your comments are appreciated.





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