[Healeys] AH 3000 Ashtray Hold Down Screw

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A CMZ 0208 screw is a zinc plated, recessed countersunk machine screw - unified threads - #6 X 1/2" long 32 threads per inch (UNC) 
The source is the BMC Standards.
Gary Hodson
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Screw sizes
        6 x 40     8 x 36    10 x 32
David Nock
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Harold,   I have a '67 BJ8 and its ash tray looks the same as the one in the parts   diagram.  My screws are 6-32 counter sunk phillips head. I checked my   screws with my tap and die set and a 6-32 nut.  I hope this helps   you.

'67 BJ8

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Hello out there,
Does anyone know the thread   pitch for the ashtray hold down screws on an AH 3000 Mk1? Item 22 in the   attached picture. The BMC part number is CMZ0208 so I know it is #6 x 1/2" but   I have to retap the threads and I don't have the old   screws.
Thanks in advance for your help....   Harold


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