[Healeys] 28% OD with 3.54 rearend

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Fri Nov 10 09:51:10 MST 2017

Yes, I've got a 28% and a 3:54 on my MkII BT7.
I find it very beneficial. Much better for distance work on Motorways and no lack of response at lower speeds.
There's enough power to make up for the longer ratios and, if you need anything extra, you can just use or remain in a lower gear for longer. I have no regrets about fitting them.
I was lucky insofar as I looked for a diff from an automatic  Westminster for some years before finding one at a v.good price. This begs the question....would I be prepared to pay the fairly stiff cost of a 3:54 from one of our usual suspects??? Not sure....probably.
Again, would I take out a perfectly good 22% and install a 28%? No. (I had to have a total rebuild done on my OD as it had somehow done the reversing into shrapnel trick. I don't know why/how to this day....the 1st/2nd & reverse switch checked out fine. Anyhow, I opted for 28% at no extra cost.)

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Anyone running this setup?  Pros?  Cons?


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