[Healeys] Turn signals

Fred Wescoe fredwescoe at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 18:25:54 MDT 2017

I am stumped.  I ordered 1157 replacement LED bulbs and flasher from Super
Bright.  I changed out the turn signal bulbs on my BJ8 today and have a
problem I cannot figure out.
Before I started, I checked that everything was working properly, turn
signals, brake lights and running lights.  All the way around, right, left
and running lights were in order.
I replaced the 4 standard bulbs with the LED bulbs (1157 replacements) and
the flasher can with the replacement.  Running lights work properly, left
turn signal, front and rear work properly.  Then I tried the right turn
signal.  The right rear works properly but both front lights blink in
unison.  I rotated the front bulbs but no change, both blink in unison when
using the right turn signal.
I removed the 4 replacement bulbs and flasher and reinstalled everything as
original.  Everything works properly.
I reinstalled the LED bulbs and flasher and again, both front bulbs blink
with the right turn signal as before.
I am stumped! What am I missing?
As always, any help is appreciated!

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