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Sat Nov 4 10:29:47 MDT 2017

 Jean Caron posted a link to an article on Edmunds.com about tire age and safety. Reading it, I found a mistake in what I've written in several places regarding the date of a tire's manufacture. In fact, the date is the last four digits of the individual tire code that is molded into the sidewall of the, but the first two digits are the week of manufacture -- from 1 to 52 -- and the last two digits are the year of manufacture, starting with 00 for the year 2000. 

The unfortunate fact is that the date on many tires, especially in the earlier years, is on the inner sidewall, so the only way it may be visible is by jacking up the car or removing the tire. Or, (assuming that all five tires were brought at once, as they should be) you can look at your spare.



Gary Anderson
Los Altos, California

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