[Healeys] Fuel Tank

Tim Davis BN7 tld6008 at mchsi.com
Fri Nov 3 22:59:54 MDT 2017

Output fuel fitting on MOSS tank is same as original only problem now is damage to tank from some shipping mishap

Tim Davis BN7

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Tim, He answered your question about the pickup screen but not about the flared end on the "discharge fitting" or "outlet fitting"


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FYI, Just heard back from Moss Motors, reply below

Hello Tim.
My name is Blaine Graham. I’m part of the Moss Technical Support Team.
Thanks for a great question.
I got one of these from the warehouse. With the baffles, I was blind. Then, common sense got a hold of me. This tank is made for us. I got a set of the drawings and looked. Bingo!
Yes. There is an inlet filter at the bottom of the sump tube.
Mystery solved.
Have a safe weekend.
Blaine Graham 
 Tech Services
 Moss Motors, LTD.
 grahamb at mossmotors.com

Tim Davis BN7

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Subject: [Healeys] Fuel Tank

Anyone know if the new steel tank from Moss has a screen or such on the pick-up tube? After all the fuss getting my odd ball tank ready to install I find the tank discharge fitting has no bevel to match the fuel line. It has the correct thread but the end is just square cut.

Tim Davis BN7

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