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Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Fri Nov 3 11:34:25 MDT 2017

As far as I can see the 185/80R15 tyre has about the same diameter as 
the original 590/15. The recommended 165/80R15 is simply to small and 
looks awkward.
Kees Oudesluijs

Op 3-11-2017 om 16:03 schreef editorgary at aol.com:
> Thanks; We don't see the Avon bias-ply here. All of the 165/80R15s are 
> pretty traditional in appearance, with the branded ones (Pirelli, 
> Michelin, and Vredesteins) preferred. I just want to get away from the 
> argument that 185s should be fitted.
> /Gary Anderson/
> Los Altos, California
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> Hi Gary,
> to answer your qustion.
> Here in the UK at National Concours the factory fitted tyres are the 
> ones we prefer to see on a concours car. This means for Big Healeys it 
> is the tyre size 590/15 in cross ply. Up to last year the original 
> DUNLOP RS5 tyre in 590/15 was still available and was the prefered 
> tyre. Unfortunately GOODYEAR/DUNLOP ceased production.. Now we still 
> have the AVON tyre in 590/15, which is from a concours point of view 
> the prefered tyre for Big Healeys in Concours. For the Sprites the 
> 520//13 is also still available and prefered. All other sorts of tyres 
> fitted at Concours will give a deduction.
> When radials are fitted like 165/80 15s or 175/80, 180/80, 185/80 they 
> should have a period style and not modern thread pattern. Deductions 
> are given anyway, but depending on the look from a period point of 
> view. 185/70s are the worst in the line.
> Josef Eckert
> National Concours Secretary
> Austin-Healey Club UK
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> We're updating the Inspection Policies and Restoration Guidelines for 
> the Austin-Healey Concours Registry and are considering changing the 
> policies regarding tires to indicate that currently available 
> 165/80R15s are the preferred size and style of tires, with no 
> consideration of brand. We are also becoming stricter about insisting 
> that cars presented for inspection must have five tires of matching 
> size and brand that are all less than 10 years old. We've found that 
> the preferred tires are readily available from Tire Rack, Coker Tire 
> and other sources in that size, as Pirelli Cinturatos, Michelin XZX, 
> and several generic brands (such as Classic), all of which are safe 
> for long-distance touring and highway cruising.
> I thought I would ask if people with concerns about restorations to 
> vintage appearance have any questions or suggestions to offer?
> G.
> /Gary Anderson/
> Los Altos, California
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