[Healeys] Pertronix question

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Fri Nov 3 07:17:52 MDT 2017

Hmmm. I had an Ignitor which worked flawlessly until it turned its toes up
one day. Chocolate teapot time! Happened in the garage luckily. They (UK
dealership) swapped it, no questions asked.
Since then, I've taken to using a 123 with the Pertronix fitted to the
original distributor which lives in the boot. (And both wiring diagrams,
wire, connectors etc).
The 123 is a handy piece of kit. Mine came in a Bosch lookalike distributor.
Different shade of brown, but looks fine. I'm almost certain that the new
ones fit into the old Lucas distributor. And you can fiddle around with your
advance curves on your laptop.
Worth a look......

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Really?  I've had Pertronix in my Healey and E-Type for 13 years and have
enjoy virtually trouble-free driving ever since.  smooth as silK.

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Don't do it.  Petronix sucks.   I buy condensers by the gross.  The bad ones
are bad out of the box or last a week, the good ones last a decade.  They
are cheap and easy to replace.


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