[Healeys] Stripped Water Pump Stud

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Sat May 27 07:58:42 MDT 2017

I'm with tom on this one.  As Kees noted also apply penetrating oil over a period of multiple days.  Once the vice grips are in place tap it in the loosen and tighten directions with light to moderate force.  Tap the end of the stud also.  The idea is to break the bond of the rust and not to loosen the nut at first.  Good luck!


On 05/27/17, Tom Felts wrote:

get new and larger vice grips--seriously.

---- Patrick & Caroline Quinn <p_cquinn at tpg.com.au> wrote: 



Had a half hour to spare this afternoon so I thought I would fit the new
water pump to the BN3's six-cylinder engine.


Of the four nuts, three tightened without a problem. but I managed to strip
the thread the stud thread on the fourth.


Normally I would use the twin nut method, but with the stud stripped that's
not possible. So what to do? My 40+ year old vice-grips (mole-grips) can't
handle the strain and I don't have a welder to weld on a nut, nor do I have
an extractor.


Was thinking about filing the end of the stud flat on two sides and using a
crescent wrench or what we call a shifting spanner. Any experienced advice
out there?


Many thanks


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia

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