[Healeys] 100 Windshield Assembly

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Thu May 25 17:06:25 MDT 2017

Hi Mike,

We did it without instructions for our BN2; of course, my dad being a 
former auto shop teacher didn't hurt ;)  The 100s and I think the early 
six-cyl cars used glazing rubber to hold the windshield in, whereas the 
later cars used a U-channel rubber seal.  IIRC, it's just a matter of:

 1. laying the rubber over the bottom of the glass, then pushing the
    bottom frame onto the glass
 2. same for either side
 3. same for the top
 4. tighten the screws at the corner brackets

I don't recall if we cut the glazing rubber in 4 pieces, or left it as 
one.  Either way, you have to notch the corners at 45deg to get it to 
fit (obviously, don't leave any gaps).  The rubber should be wider than 
necessary; once the windshield is inserted into the frame trim the 
rubber with a sharp razor blade along the frame edges at an angle (i.e. 
don't 'square it off' to the glass).  Be careful not to scribe the glass 
lest bad things might happen.

Moss shows the glazing rubber at about $23, if you attempt it and screw 
it up you can try again without a great loss.  It's doable by one, but 
easier as a two-man job.  I doubt many of the contemporary 
installers--e.g. Safelite--know how to do this; you'd need to go to an 


On 5/25/2017 11:17 AM, Michael MacLean wrote:
> I just had the windshield pieces re-chromed and need to put the 
> assembly together.  Is there a tutorial printed anywhere or should I 
> just try and find an auto glass installer that would handle this?
> Mike MacLean

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