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John Sims ahbn6 at verizon.net
Mon May 22 05:24:06 MDT 2017

Go to http://www.maxwellenamels.com/ or Pamela David in England

Pamela David Enamels. Located in England. Look at the web site for details,
Cloissene Badges/repair. Simply the best  and acclaimed as such by most
Healey owners. Web site has been under construction for several years but
contact them anyway! They are too busy with their repair business. They
respond quickly to telephone and email.   mailto:enameller at googlemail.com or
phone +44 (0) 1769 520536   

John Sims
Aberdeen, NJ


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does anyone know if the lady that restores the badges with the cloisonne (?)
process is still in business.  lady with a bj8 in our club has ordered a
couple from moss that has the pins too close and it will not fit the holes.
i suggested restoring her old one but need the name and address of the lady.
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