[Healeys] Gearbox Problem

Jonas Payne jpaynepbr at cox.net
Fri May 19 17:24:10 MDT 2017

The springs on the detent balls on the shifter rods are weak or the springs
on the detent balls on your gear hub are weak.

You don't need to take the thing out of the car and do a full disassembly to
get the former, all you need to do is take the cover off and fiddle with it.

Keep your fingers crossed that it's the former.

Jonas Payne
PBR Consulting Services, LLC

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My gearbox is popping out of 4th and 4th/OD, usually coasting in gear
downhill, but sometimes randomly.  Anyone know what the typical cause(s) of
this are?

My guess?  My rebuilt engine has (much) more compression, and the 'reverse
torque' from coasting it causing something to flex or buckle in the box.



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