[Healeys] Carb tsunami

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Tue May 16 17:56:36 MDT 2017

to my knowledge, Grose jets don't have springs-----are they inserted properly---the small needle point goes first in the jet (and blocks the flow of gas when closed)--the brass ball part goes against the fork.

Next--I'd check the needle rubber--you will need to take the bottom of the carb to access that.  These will tear over time and will leak from the area you sescribe.

good luck

---- ph <yosmovies at hotmail.fr> wrote: 

We are working on my early phase 2 BJ8. Very standard car.very standard fuel pump and system.

So, we've noticed that petrol was initially seeping out of the front carb, HD8. Then the seepage seemed to get worse, almost as we looked at it. The leak is on the front carb and the fuel seems- it's not easy to be sure-  it seems to be coming out from where the choke cable hits the lever. Given sufficient time and particularly a few attempts to start the car, then the fuel comes out of the manifold overflow pipe. Plenty of it too.

Some observations:-

1) both of the floats are good. 100%

2) no fuel at all ever comes out of the float chamber overflow pipes

3) the connections at the banjos are sound.no leaks there

4) the jets??I don't know, are they Grose? They are kind of octagonal in their long profile. They have a little spring inside, with traditional cone shape at the top and little short, spring loaded, needle sticking out of the bottom. One of these things appears to be white nylon/plastic plus brass and the other appears to be some low grade silver coloured alloy. Both springs appear to be functional and both jets can entirely stop fuel coming out. (ie when I close them/push them home by hand). But we know nothing of these things. Never seen one before.

5) Not withstanding my suspicions of these seemingly complex little jets, we think they are correctly setup. They are not dropping so far that they can jam. No, we think that the jets are probably, note probably!!, OK.

6) My uncle, who is over from England, is more used to HS4s and Webers but he is wondering if the problem could be from the diaphragm. If it splits, that's it, right? Fuel in the manifold, fuel on the floor??

We'd really appreciate your accumulated wisdom. If we're to get the parts over from the UK, we've got to order them yesterday!!


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