[Healeys] Cornhead Grease

Robert F. Begani RFBegani at speakeasy.net
Mon May 15 06:15:21 MDT 2017

You can buy Cornhead Grease, Penrite etc. online at Amazon.com.  I find it easier to buy items from them rather than drive miles to a store.




Bob Begani  BJ8 ‘67


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Thanks John,  That is fast becoming my back-up plan.  I will talk to the Nocks when I am in Stockton this week.


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No need to come to California for Penrite. Buy Land Rover Swivel Housing Grease. It has been recommend on the list many times and, although I have never tried Penrite, I believe it is the same for all intents and purposes. You need to heat it in hot water in order to use it. Google STC3435 just as you see it typed, no spaces. Upper or lowercase works.


It’s in my car’s steering box which has not leaked since 2013. However, I am getting ready to drive my car this spring and I am sure, now that I wrote this, it will start leaking as any good Healey does. :)



’62 BT7


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Hi all,  Late last year there were several posts recommending Penrite Steering Box Lube.  This is hard to find up here in the Great White North.  I am going to be in California next week in the Napa/Stockton area and if possible would pick some up.  Anyone know of supplier in that area?  



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