[Healeys] My healey has found a new home

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Sun May 14 09:10:25 MDT 2017

Well congratulation and condolences. Probably not an easy decision, but  
great to hear you found a good home for your car. I think that may be the  
toughest part, finding a good home. As you say life goes on, keep having fun 
out  there, we'll do the same and good luck with whatever choice is made.
Steven Kingsbury
BN1 #598
In a message dated 5/13/2017 8:03:39 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
m.brouillette at comcast.net writes:

It’s been a fun 20+ years.  My 59 BT7 was picked up today by the new  owner 
who drove to my home in NH all the way from Baltimore.  The funny  thing is 
the conversation started with a hardtop I had for sale and led to us  
agreeing to a price on the BT7.  Life goes on and as we all know, we are  just 
caretakers of these cars and they will all have new homes somedays, and  today 
was the day for mine to move on.  What’s going to replace it in the  
garage?  I’m leaning toward finding a low mileage BMW Z3 to give me that  ragtop 
fix we all need… 
Mike Brouillette 

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