[Healeys] Clutch bleeder?

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sat May 13 07:24:42 MDT 2017

I got a pre-made set for a BJ8 at Automec: https://www.automec.co.uk/

I'm installing it piecemeal, but so far everything has fit perfectly.


On 5/12/2017 9:57 PM, John Spaur wrote:
> Most likely a nickel-copper brake line:
> http://agscompany.com/product/european-nicopp-nickelcopper-brake-line-316-x-
> 12/
> John S
> '62 BT7
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> "... copper alloy, which is susceptible to work hardening and fatigue
> cracking from vibrations from the engine"
> I sure hope not, as I'm using 'cupranickel' copper alloy lines in part of my
> brake system.  According to the company I bought them from--yeah, I
> know--the alloy is not susceptible to work hardening.  Supposedly, these
> lines are used by Aston Martin, I think Volvo and some others.
> I'm guilty of buying a lot of tricky things--tools, especially--that look
> like great ideas, but often end up on the shelf, never used.  But, Doug's
> bleeder extension was about the best $30 I ever spent.
> Bob

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