[Healeys] Clutch bleeder?

Jean Caron vintage_roadster_restoration at hotmail.com
Fri May 12 08:32:37 MDT 2017

Here are the dimensions for the Clutch Bleeder that I took from the ones made by Doug Reid. I have made three of those so far and they work very well.


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  A while back there was information on a bleeder line extension for the
clutch slave cylinder...does anyone know the particulars of the
construction, such as length and fittings required, a picture perhaps?

  Also, the side curtains for my Longbridge BN4 have just been laying in
the boot for many years..would someone have a picture of the storage bag
they should be held in? The front brackets on mine look home made..I'd
like to see what they should really look like. Where the brackets
removed for storage so the side curtains could lay flat together?

  Thanks for the help,

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