[Healeys] Pan Mysteries

Bruce Steele healeybruce at roadrunner.com
Thu May 11 23:02:17 MDT 2017

I've wondered the same thing!  I eagerly await the wisdom of the wise to enlighten us.

Bruce Steele
Brea, CA
1960 BN7

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Got a couple of real mysteries here:

1) Oil pans on the 6-cyl cars--don't know about the 100s--have a small, er, something--tab?--spot-welded on the inside bottom in front of the baffle.  I can't for the life of me think of any (obvious) purpose for this but, as usual, there must be a reason else BMC accountants wouldn't have allowed an extra half-quid in parts and labor to install it (attached photo 1).  Guesses?

2) The pans all have a fairly large 'dimple,' for lack of a better term punched in the front on the left-hand side (photo 2). All I can think of is it must have something to do with the way the pans were stamped, as they appear to be made from a single piece of sheet metal.  I think if it's for reinforcement, why not a couple or, better yet, one at each corner.  Any guesses?


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