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Hi all,  Late last year there were several posts recommending Penrite Steering Box Lube.  This is hard to find up here in the Great White North.  I am going to be in California next week in the Napa/Stockton area and if possible would pick some up.  Anyone know of supplier in that area?  




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Probably not if you have got most of it out.. However you should not put 'grease' in the steering box because it doesn't flow, it gets pushed around and compacts instead of lubricating. Cornhead 'grease' and Penrite steering box lube are not actually grease, they are very very thick oils which flow and lubricate.




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I remember a while ago the talk on the list about lubrication for the steering box.  There was a good argument for Cornhead grease, so I got some.  Tonight I removed the fill plug from the steering box and found a what looked to be a green high pressure grease in there.  I could not figure any other way to clean out the grease than taking the cover off and mechanically removing it. (with a popsicle stick and paper towels)  I got most of it out.  By the way, the steering box/shaft has not been installed in the car yet.  It was not hard to get the grease out as the was very little in there.  Just enough to cove the gears.  Operation of the steering itself was very smooth and inspection reveals little wear inside. I was just wondering.  It will be very easy to fill the box now and just pop the cover on.  My question is, do you think the residual grease will be a problem mixing with the cornhead grease?  What else should I look for while I have the cover off?

Mike MacLean

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