[Healeys] clip and ferrule for manifold drain pipes.

Frank Magnusson fmags at cox.net
Wed May 10 17:57:23 MDT 2017

Bob,  I don't have the clip and ferrule on those pipes on my BJ8.  In fact, mine don't match the ones shown in Moss' catelog.  Theirs are short straight pipes.  Mine are quite long and bend to horizontal, go for 3-4 inches, then bend vertically downward.  They are original.  They were plugged when I first got the car and I was able to unplug them with some thin wire when I took them off the manifold, so you might want to check that.  I also connected some rubber fuel line to the ends and ran the hose below the frame rail; not stock but a good way to prevent a fire.  Dripping fuel out of those pipes so close the the exhaust manifold looks like a fire waiting to happen...


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