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100 octane racing gas available at the pump at a 76 station nearby.  Not
sure if lead is in there, but I know there is no ethanol.  Use it in the
Bugeye because it can sit for long periods of time and still be "good
gas".  The Bugeye doesn't complain about the high octane.  As much as I
drive it (not much) the cost is not that bad.  I also use it in the Harley
Davidson because I rebuilt the engine with higher compression, (10 to 1)  A
couple gallons in the 5 gallon tank and the rest with Chevron 91 octane and
I never get pinging.  When the BN2 is finished I will put this gas in the
tank at a 40% to 60% rate with the Chevron 91.

     Please forwar this to the list as I can only receive emails and cannot
send to the list for some reason.
Mike MacLean

On Monday, May 1, 2017 8:37 PM, richard mayor <boyracer466 at gmail.com> wrote:

Actually, 110 octane leaded gasoline is available for cars. It is called
racing fuel and is made by suppliers like Sunoco, Union and many others.
You might have to go to a race track but many race shops also offer racing
fuel. It aint cheap though. Expect to pay $8 to $10 per gallon.

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