[Healeys] Dynalite or which alternator to C42 Generator

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Tue May 2 04:51:31 MDT 2017

The BMC manual claimed:-



Cut-in rpm

Max Amps/rpm

C45 PV6

Up to BJ8


25amp/13.5v at 1,700-1,900




30amp/13.5v at 1,250 

Lucas 17ACR alternator. Any neg car


40amps/13.5+v from idle

Claims. That’s new, tip top with lovely wiring, beautiful earth connections all round and wonderful Control Box.

Of course, there’s no mention of the 17ACR in the book; just put it in for general interest. I’ve seen it rated at 45 amps but am happy enough with 40.

(Once installed on the readily available bracket the 17ACR looks OK. You’d not really notice unless you were looking at a row of Healeys at a show. Not for the purists, I know).



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There you are, 26A at full house. 
How much does the generator generate? 20-25A if you are lucky.
Kees Oudesluijs


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