[Healeys] Last Big Healey?

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I am of the opinion that all these items like matching numbers, first off the line, last one built etc. are nothing but auction lexicon to try to get more money for a car they have on consignment and therefore make more money for the sometimes 5 minutes they spend selling a particular vehicle.

There is little doubt, getting a catalogue ready for a sale is no small task, then getting the car at the site, the paperwork afterwards etc, it all cost something but since most well know auction house get 10% from the seller and the buyer, there is a lot of money at stake for them and the few key words they can add to attract a buyer, they'll do it to create a market.


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Good point, Bob.  So many of the things in the car hobby that are supposed to add value to a car don't make a lot of sense.  What makes a car with "matching numbers" more valuable than one with a replaced engine built to the same specification?  Cars at the beginning or end of production, why are they more valuable?  Cars owned by celebrities, who cares what famous butt sat in the driver's seat?  And of course, no offense, why is a factory 100M so much more valuable than one fitted with a LeMans kit (can it be the hi-comp pistons?)  As Steve (and the greatest football coach of all time) say, it is what it is.

Rick Neville

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Am I the only one that thinks this car being 'the last of ... whatever' adds no particular cachet?   I'd rather have a well-preserved, low-mileage survivor--with rough but original paint--or a top-of-the-line concours resto, in the middle of the production pack.  But, my cars are for driving, not bragging rights (well, except for the 'M').


Bob Spidell - San Jose, CA

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Yes, that much would be correct.   However, after the statement quoted below, I received this from another source at the auction house:


Steve , Good Afternoon.

My name is ­­­­­­---------- and I do quite a lot of work for Silverstone Auctions preparing catalogue entries and helping to sort out the inevitable mistakes that occur when a dozen or so people are under pressure to close a catalogue with 200 cars.

I am 67 and have owned a number of big Healeys including an early 100/4 with a competition history,(which I bought in 1966), so as a 'Marque' enthusiast, I am as keen as you to ensure that what we commit to paper is accurate. I have read ------------ response to you and it's patently completely inaccurate, however, he does not claim to know what he is talking about, and is too young to remember the ins and outs of the Donald Healey Motor Company. In fairness, having had a quick look at our vendor's 'Entry Form' there are a number of claims on there which Richard took at face value but which now may be incorrect.

The CCA catalogue has now been printed so it's too late to change that, but we can change the Website and issue a 'Saleroom Notice' prior to the auction.

I propose that I have a good look at the information provided to us by the vendor and form some opinions. I will share these with you and see what you think. It's patently obvious that you have considerable knowledge of the subject and, I guess, we will be guided by you, but as I said, it appears the vendor is under the impression that what he has told us is correct and the team were excited to be handling a car with such provenance.

If it appears that the car, although a stunning example, is not what he claimed, then we may have to revise the 'monetary value', which may not go down too well, but, given your information, we are obliged to correct any statements we have made and we are keen to ensure a happy purchaser on the day.

I will deal with this from now on and if you can give me 24 hours, I will get back to you with as much information as I can find at this end.

Thank you for your interest in this matter.


Steve Byers


BJ8 Registry

AHCA Delegate at Large

Havelock, NC

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Let's accept then that this is the highest vin number that left the production line.

Best, Per

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23 mars 2017 kl. 12:40 skrev HealeyRick <healeyrik at gmail.com<mailto:healeyrik at gmail.com>>:

The ad has been updated, but the sellers are sticking to their assertion that this was the last one off the line:

*         We don't want to 'labour the point' but this is the LAST big Healey off the line - ever!!!

NB: We are aware of the three cars assembled after Chassis 43025. When the production line was stopped, a further two cars

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