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The ad has been updated, but the sellers are sticking to their assertion 
that this was the last one off the line:
         * We don't want to 'labour the point' but this is the LAST big
           Healey off the line - ever!!!

NB: We are aware of the three cars assembled after Chassis 43025. When the 
production line was stopped, a further two cars were assembled late in 1967 
and another car was built from parts by apprentices in March 1968. This car 
(43025) was registered to the Donald Healey Motor Company and was, 
non-negotiably, the last Healey 3000 off the production line."

On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 3:43 PM, BJ8Healeys <sbyers at ec.rr.com
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  HBJ8/43025 was NOT the last one ever made.  That hono(u)r goes to
  HBJ8/43026, which was not assembled on the regular production line but in
  the "Show Shop" three months after regular production ended (it was, and
  is, Ivory White).  43025 was not even the last car built on the
  production line (which was 43000, built 23 Nov 67 - 11 Jan 68).  43025 
  was the last car painted Metallic Golden Beige.

  Whoever wrote the description below also got the build date for 43025
  wrong.  It was built (per the BMIHT certificate) 1 - 16 November 1967 and
  dispatched on 22 November to the Donald Healey Motor Co.  Funny that they
  would get the build date wrong, since they say the certificate is
  available.  43025 did not leave the factory with HS6 carbs.


  Steve Byers


  BJ8 Registry

  AHCA Delegate at Large

  Havelock, NC 

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