[Healeys] Dammit!

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I gave up on the other shows a long time ago. Almost all of them are guys dressed in outlandish garb with tattoos, hairdos, beards, swearing to their help that they are not working hard enough to complete a job with outlandish timelines. The shows are more about them than in the cars. One exception is the girls who have a repair show and they actually show techniques. My other pet peeve is the series Mighty Ships/Mighty Planes and the ilk which skips showing the ships and planes and how they are constructed but zero in on contrived “problems”. If, for example, they show a B-52 I would rather see the construction process than “Joe Blow” and his problems in getting a gauge or something to work taking 20 minutes to do it.


John Sims

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Double dammit!  And the reasons behind his departure stink.  The show is too difficult to produce?  Amazing how they've managed to do it and do it well all these years.  I like that Edd tackles problems that most of us have to deal with.  My favorite was putting a new chassis under the Morgan.  


Rick Neville


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Edd's leaving Wheeler Dealers:




Bob Spidell - San Jose, CA

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