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Good Day Gerry;  The discussion between Rich Chrysler and Peter Svilans back in 2006 may be of interest.  Hope it helps.

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Early Colors
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Peter, and all,   This is very interesting. I've personally seen a couple of early Hundreds with what was obviously a plain (non metallic) shade of light grayish blue.  In the meantime having been personally involved in the restoration of Blair Harber's  pre-production Hundred (AHX-14) and the first production car BN1L138031, I can attest to the fact that these two cars had what was immediately recognized as metallic Healey Ice Blue.  This tells me that both the non metallic and the normally recognizable metallic versions were produced from the beginning.   We also know that Jensens (who painted the bodies) were using at least  Dockers and I.C.I. paints early on.  This fact alone would contribute to varying shades of colour.   As a further point to confuse, my painter has been experimenting with the Healey Blue metallic shades, and recently showed me a sample spray out card, one side sprayed with a formula we've been happily using for a while now, but just the bare paint, the other half of the sample card oversprayed with a thin coating of clear.  It was amazing how much darker the cleared sample was to the eye.   It was actually hard to imagine it was the same colour!It is for these many varying reasons that when judging a car in Concours, we first let the owner comment on the colour applied if he/she so chooses, and then when evaluating the colour itself, work on the premise of "a reasonable attempt at accuracy" has been displayed.--Rich Chrysler   
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Looking through the color chip library at  www.AutocolorLibrary.com   brought up this page:http://autocolorlibrary.com/cgi-bin/search/searchpic.pl?1955-ahmg-pg11.jpg  It shows THREE shades of Healey Blue in use as early as 1957.    One shade ("H-1 Blue Iridescent") is for 1954, one ("Ice Blue Iridescent") is for later 100's to 1957 (the year of the chip card) and a solid, ie: non-metallic, shade ("Ice  Blue") for the earliest 1953-54 Healeys.  There is also Spruce Green, Carmine Red and Ivory.  I have this same R-M card, and the one shade of blue is definitely non-metallic.What is interesting is that these are not modern recreations of old historic colours, but practical chips meant to repaint cars that were then current, ordinary, on-the-road vehicles.  In other words, 'these shades had better be pretty darn close, or we pay to repaint the customer's car again'.Best regards,  --Peter 

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Can anyone tell me is the Healey Blue on a BN6 was a solid color or had specs in it?ThanksGerry

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