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Rich, the parts manual says the placement of the license plate was below the
rear bumper up to body number 79899 for USA and Canadian cars (no chassis
recorded in the registry for that body, but body 79898 is chassis 34992).
>From body 79900, a bumper-mounted license plate holder was effective.


Steve Byers


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My phase 1 has the single glass bee-hive lights, the cubby in the center
counsel, pan-hard rod across the rear axle and the earlier body height that
centers the wheels in the wheel wells. There is a difference in the
placement of the license plates on the bumpers.

Rich Kahn



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For years and years, I have been told phase 1/2 is all about rear suspension
and nothing to do with lights. Why is the boat being rocked?

Ken Freese 

65 BJ8




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So is that a phase 2 car? If so, what other changes came with the phase 2

Ira Erbs 


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As stated before, the light configuration change was based on body number,
not chassis number.  BMIHT data records the change point body number at
76138 for the dual lights.  The data also says that body number belonged to
both chassis 31259 (built 1 - 2 April 1965) and 31336 (built XX March 1965).

Steve Byers
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lady in our club had a bj8 with dual lights that she bought at the factory
in june, 1965.  no idea of exact changover.

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