[Healeys] Are these holes original?

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The only holes along the bottom edge of the trunk lip are for the rivits that attach shroud to the chassis lip. And the 3 buffers.  If there was a drain hole it would drain into the trunk.

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I’d guess (only) that those four holes – two at each corner, right? – were for the attachment of a luggage rack. There was/is a rack that was attached via the boot hinge pins and by screwing triangular mounting plates onto the bottom corners. I’ve got one….it’s a decent enough thing.

I’m surprised that one fits repair patch panels to a boot lid. Doesn’t one just fit a new one? 



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67 BJ8 (late), currently undergoing bodywork before paint.


There appears to be 2 drainage holes on the bottom corners of the trunk lid - but as the Moss replacement patch panel doesn't have them I don't know if the holes were there originally, or if they are there as a function of previous bodywork.


Pardon the poor picture - hopefully you get the idea.


Thanks in advance,



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