[Healeys] drive BN2 without safety gage

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While not knowing the background reasons for not installing the gauges, I would strongly recommend temporarily installing the oil pressure and water temp. Lay a cloth or suitable non-scratch material over the cowl in front of the windshield, tape done (or otherwise hold from sliding) and tape the gauges down onto it. Connect the gauges into the engine and radiator. Support the hood on a block of rubber or wood to allow the piping to exit the engine bay and you should be good to go. This is faster and less risk than a jury rigged plug letting go unexpectedly or worse yet, without knowing that it has let go.


Again, not knowing the reason for not installing the gauges; just my 2 cents worth.


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My friend needs to drive his BN2 to my house without his gages installed. I could tell him to use a bolt for the radiator, but I don't know what size to tell him, I thought it might be non standard. Would someone tell me, thanks.

For the oil, he remove the hose from the block and replace with a upside down screw head and a nut like the steering box olive nut.

Ken Freese

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