[Healeys] New Pistons and cam for sale

Richard J. Hockert rjhco at att.net
Sat Mar 11 13:42:28 MST 2017

I have a new set of full race JE Pistons that I do not need.  They are
84.5mm (3.327 Inches), the maximum allowable to remain under 3 liters.

Paid to have them custom made, with new pins (with spiro locks), thin rings,
tuff coat on skirt and thermal barrier coating on the crown.  Also had the
crown undercut. Paid almost $1200 delivered.  Will sell at discount and take
small loss.  Have pictures and invoice for serious inquiry.

Also, have a Liege cam with bucket followers that is extra to my use (bucket
followers require longer push rods).  Will sell for fair offer.  Best cam
factory ever developed.  Grind was used in Liege-Rome-Liege rally 1963,
then, so good, used at Sebring 1965.

Going to eBay next week - list first choice.

Contact off list please.


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