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I can’t find the original layout but:



B stands for the engine size. A for the small engine in Sprites (less than 2000cc) and B for the engine in Healeys up to 3000 cc’s or so. Thus the AN, etc. for Sprites since they had a 900 or so cc engine.

N stands for two seater although it appeared on the BN4 which was a “occasional” four seater (if you had stubby legs you could fit)

T for four seater

J for true convertible with the top permanently fastened

L is for left hand drive

If there is an “O” it stands for equipped with overdrive but this was omitted on most cars as most had standard OD.


So, BN6 was a large engine two seater and the 6th model in the series. BJ8 was a large engine car with a permanent folding top and the 8th model in the series.

BJ9 is my Kia Sedona.


John Sims

Aberdeen, NJ




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Hello Mike;  I am not sure what type of codes you are after - model, engine, chassis, etc.  

Attached is a file with chassis codes.  This may help a bit.


--Scott Morris; Simcoe, Ontario, Canada - Keep Smiling, Murphy Lives


On Friday, March 10, 2017 2:08 AM, Mike S <phoenix722 at comcast.net> wrote:


Everything is on the web, right?  Why can't I find it?  Anyway, can 

someone point me to a website that lists all the British auto codes, 

e.g., BN, BN, BJ........, (but not just Austin Healey)?  I know they 

relate to engine size and body style, but can't find the details. Are 

they an Austin system, BMC system, other?  Thanks.





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