[Healeys] another BJ8 door striker question

George Haywood ghaywood at ec.rr.com
Fri Mar 10 18:37:33 MST 2017

The packing plate goes on the shut face side but they go between the aluminum door finisher and the shut face pillar I'm pretty sure.  If I remember correctly I used a few choice expletives while getting the proper alignment and fit.

Hope this helps,

George Haywood
'65 bj8

---- goldengt at cal.net wrote: 
> On the BJ8 parts list, a packing plate for the door striker is shown but not exactly. Should this packing plate be on the shut face side where it could help move the striker in and out for an adjustment or should the plate be in the fender well next to the threaded plate? Per my old parts I need to start bending the reproduction stuff. Sticking the packing plate against the shut face would help.Thanks,Ken Freese65 BJ8Note to Len- thanks for the picture, but that is not the part that is worn on my car.

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