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The operating through shaft is supposed to have about 10 thou end float to stop binding at either end. Perhaps try increasing this a touch as this might be causing it to hang up ?

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Fred, it seems that you have tried everything and I can understand your frustrations. Without seeing the solenoid/lever connection, I would suggest that the lever may be too tight to the solenoid core and the lever then jams and cannot return due to the interference. The core has to move freely on the lever as it moves up and down. Unfortunately, the lever attachment point will not remain flat as it pivots at the OD. With the upper and lower “washer” type widening this area can interfere with the lever if connected too tightly and thus jam ever so slightly.

Otherwise, there is something that is causing the solenoid core from dropping. Is the core bent or otherwise interfering with the internal solenoid body? Is your rubber boot adding additional pressure and holding the core in the body? When you loosen the solenoid body, does this “realignment” allow the core to drop? Is the core straight? Try rolling it on a flat surface and see how it is. Is the core clean without oil or grease buildup?


My 2 cents worth Fred hope this helps.


John R Davidson, P. Eng.

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In a previous post, I related problems with my 66 BJ8 overdrive not working/releasing properly.  


The electrical issues have now been solved and the electrics are working correctly.


The remaining issue is still the release of the overdrive.  The operating lever is properly adjusted now with the hole in the lever lining up with the hole in the case.  The operating solenoid/lever engages strongly every time and the two holes on the right side always line up.


However, when the switch is turned off, the gear selector moved to neutral and the gas pedal pressed, the solenoid is deactivated (as indicated by a volt meter) but the lever does not release.  I have removed and cleaned the operating valve pushrod and reinstalled it.  With the plug removed I can see the spring jump when the overdrive is switched on.


At first I thought that the solenoid lever was rubbing against the trans case and not allowing the solenoid lever to release.  But that is not what is happening (I checked both sides of the trans).  When I apply the slightest pressure to the solenoid lever (at the solenoid), the lever drops down into the off position.  Time after time this is happens.  The valve operating shaft gives a very slight resistance to moving initially and does not want to release by it's self.  After the very slightest pressure on the lever, the lever moves easily and drops to the released position.


No matter what I do I cannot get the solenoid lever to drop down on it's own.  With just the slightest touch it does drop down.  I loosened the solenoid unit so that it was sort of free floating but no change at all no matter what I did or how I moved it.  I removed and cleaned the solenoid and plunger.  Is it possible that something inside the trans is binding the actuating shaft/lever?


I am really frustrated with getting the overdrive to work properly.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.






66 BJ8

63 BJ7 deceased

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