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Headers can play an important part of an engine build and the design of the exhaust system does impact the tune of a car, “but” the use of the car, grocery getter, daily driver, trailer queen, track or high speed at full throttle dictates what parts you add and the intended benefit those parts may or may not give your build. The headers shown in previous posts will flow better than any stock system. Is it necessary for street cars, probably not. Does it produce 10% more horsepower, maybe. Is that what your after? Maybe the torque curve is more important…..  There is a long list of things to consider when contemplating a change from the stock setup. 
1955 BN2 
10.1 to 1 compression on 90 something octane.  (Yes Harriet you can run that much compression on the street.)
Bench flowed intake and exhaust ports
Larger 100-Six valves
Reshaped combustion chambers in head
1-3/4 carbs
Delta reprofiled cam 

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