[Healeys] Heat Shields

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Sun Mar 5 17:02:27 MST 2017

I'll second Bruce's comment.  The Moss kit comes with the parts pre
cut so that they will fit against each other as they should.  They
specially made thick washers would take effort to dublicate.  If you
are going to make your own parts it will take time and probably a few
re-makes.  Roger Moment's instructions come with it and are very
detailed (and of course based on a lot of experience).  If you are
going to try to cut Hardi panels of any sort you will create a lot of
cement dust and dull blades, and possibly a saw motor worn out by the
abrasive dust.  Getting inside corners and rectangular slots just
right can be challenging, too. Having cut a couple of hundred feet of
Hardi siding I speak from experience.  Just saying.

BN1 #724

On Sun, 5 Mar 2017 07:32:50 -0800, Bruce wrote:

>Oh, and I would add that IMHO it is MUCH easier to buy the kit than try to
>cut the cement board oneself.  I know I could not have done nearly as
>precise a job with a sabre saw and drill.  Plus, my old ones were inaccurate
>and poorly fabricated, and would have made really crappy patterns.  The kit
>is well worth the cost.
>Bruce Steele
>Brea, CA
>1960 BN7

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