[Healeys] Heat Shields

Sat Mar 4 19:31:52 MST 2017

Instead of the portland cement waterproof wall board called Hardiebacker it is their thinner soffit material.

Bill Lawrence

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Look at:


It is called hardie board and can be found at Home Depot. Basically it is the waterproof cement impregnated backing used in showers in place of plasterboard.

John Sims
Aberdeen, NJ


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I recall someone mentioning that Roger Moment developed a finish to apply to hardi board to make the finish like the original asbestos.  I’ve looked through the archives and on John Simm’s site and can’t find the note.  Does anyone know the finish he used or is there someone that can provide me with a proper finish?

Thank you in advance.

Price Lindsay
67 BJ8

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