[Healeys] Engine Rebuild Modifications

Peter Dzwig pdzwig at summaventures.com
Fri Mar 3 01:56:54 MST 2017

It all depends what YOU want out of the exercise.

Interesting that no-one has mentioned handling and ride comfort.

I would do the usual mods to the engine, with the DW cam or similar (I used a
version of the race version of the BJ8 cam which went really well because it was
tailored to my requirements). High compression pistons work well with a
modern-fuel-compatible head and modern set up. Personally I used Hepolites
Lighten as much as poss and make sure it is all balanced and that whatever your
heating/cooling needs are, are taken care of and make sure that you avoid
excessive heat to the fuel lines. Carbs can be whatever you want. Personally I
like SUs but not everyone does.

I mention ride because when you have done all that you do to your engine and
transmission, it has to be usable when you drive it. I drove a couple of Healeys
recently both of which had more power than they could reasonably handle over the
sort of roads we were on. Look at your suspension carefully and make sure that
you get the level of firmness that YOU want. I used poly bushes, anti-roll bars
and tinkered with bits to get a ride that was good enough to impress the late
Alan Cameron storming up Prescott (which he ran at the time).


>> On March 2, 2017 at 6:07 AM 1 2 <healeydohdahman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Is there a list of commonly done rebuild mods for the 3000 engine/transmission
>> to modernize it?
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