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Not sure of the LBC stuff going on as I no longer live in that area, but if you like to look at cars, I suggest a trip to the Nethercutt Museum. http://www.nethercuttcollection.org/ It's free and amazing. Check them out online and if you can, make the appointment to take the guided tour, again, it's free. Also there is the Mullin Museum out in Oxnard. http://mullinautomotivemuseum.com/  It is totally French cars and there is an admission price, not sure what it is and there is also the Murphy Museum almost right next door. http://www.murphyautomuseum.org/

And then you can contact the Southern California Austin Healey club and see if there's anything going on there. http://www.austin-healey.org/

Good luck and have fun!

Steven Kingsbury

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I'm going to be in LA April 1-5 and was wondering if there is any LBC stuff going on? I want to visit the refurbished Petersen Museum, but what else? I'll be staying in the San Fernado Valley.

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