[Healeys] Starter Button - Just Stopped Working

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If you still have an original starter solenoid, the one mounted just above the starter on the firewall bulkhead, there is a push button on the unit that is between the solenoid and the extension panel that covers the bellhousing inside the cockpit. If you stick your finger up in that location there is usually enough room to push the button.  If will make a mechanical connection of the solenoid rather than the electrical connection made with the starter button on the dash. Make sure the car in in neutral, parking brake on and your other body parts clear of anything the moves should the engine crank. If the engine cranks, turn the key on and push the solenoid button again and the engine should fire up. If that is the case then usually your problem in in the dash mounted starter button or its wiring. 
Any questions, let me know.

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Hi Listers,

After lurking here for way too long I would ask for your help. I have a somewhat original (built 56 for 57) 100~6 Longbridge built (despite the lack of crease in the hood) Healey that I tend to start up in the garage every few months if I have not gone for a drive. This is a California car so I really don’t have the ordinary excuses not to drive like ice & snow. Car is garaged always and I have not started her in a few months, but last time she fired right up. 

Yesterday I went to the garage (I should add battery is on a tender and is good), hit the starter and silence … nothing … I mean NOTHING. I turned the key and heard the sweet sound of the SU fuel pump go tick, tick, tick … tick …… tick …… then stop (which is good). Lights go on … indicators work, horn works … 

Where should I start … can a switch just go bad in a few months just sitting after firing right up a few months ago? Fuses are good, leads are in, earth switch is on, etc. 

Should I just crawl under the dash and pull the starter and “start” there with the multimeter … or is there somewhere else I should investigate. 

I appreciate all your input and replies!


Rohan (aka Aussie)
’56 Longbridge BN4 “Hellouise"

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