[Healeys] Euro 18 meet registration help

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There are more than 330 participants, not cars and my latest information 
from the AH Club UK is there are only about 20 cars entered from the UK so 
far as they ask 500 Euro per person for registration only.
The money goes to the Swiss organisers what ever they do with it.
I loved the European Meets and participated to all except one I couldn´t go 
because of job restricions. But this one is different and nearly all of the 
British I talked  to say we stay away of it. We expect its the last of the 
European ones as its ffar over the top and not what enthusiasts want.
There was the Austin-Healey Club UK one  week event in the "real" Black 
Forest last year we all enjoyed so much which was located in the heart of 
the Black Forest and not as this one in a not rreally nice area of the 
Rhine valley in a Holiday park where ten thousands of visitors are each 
day. There is nothing nice of this place in the nearer surroundings. 
Mornings and evenings there  are huge congestions of visitors cars going in 
and out. I was born in Freiburg, a couple of miles from the place, and know 
the area very well as my parents and family still live in Freiburg.
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The simplest method is to pay by international bank transfer. This is very 
simple, just go to your local bank with the Organisation's bank details, 
which are given on the event's website, and the bank will make the 
There are already over 300 cars entered and there will certainly be more 
than 25 UK cars. Sure its going to cost a bit of money but these European 
Meetings are excellent, one week events, not your local 'park in a field' 
cars and coffee!  Unique opportunities for Healey lovers to meet people 
from all over Europe as well as the US and Australia.

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  Hello Ken,
  As far as I know its a real challenge to pay by Credit Card. The Swiss
  organisers expect payment via direct bank transfer. I and many of my
  friends do not go there as the money asked for taking part is far over
  our budget. And you have to pay for overnight stay additionally, and its
  in a huge funpark where its so busy you can´t believe. Not a nice
  location for a Healey event. The programme is not really inviting.
  So as far as I know only 20-25 cars are coming over from the UK, even
  less from Germany.
  What they say on the Euro 18 booking form is:
  "already registered but not paid by bank wire, waiting for Credit Card
  payment solution - you have to register again and proived us your "old"
  register number (regulatory requirement)"
  Very strange to understand, even for me as a European, speaking
  Josef Eckert
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  I can't figure out the European 2018 meet web page on paying with a
  credit card? No response yet on their contact link. Does someone read
  Ken Freese

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