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Sat Jun 24 04:53:52 MDT 2017

What you are explaining to do is is illegal and against any law in any 
"Constitutional Democraty". I am not sure if you still live in such a 
state. Anyway its foolish to show and write in an open forum what you are 
going to do where everybody can read it. You think  you keep the car in the 
family, but whenever you may be forced to sell it and you or your followers 
do not mention your fraud to the potential buyer,  you are in legal 
trouble, at least when living in a country with a legal framework 
implemented. - fullstop
In our country I would just wait and when you have finished with your 
"modifications" I would send you an official investigator and you have a 
court case.
I couldn´t believe how stupid you are with your open words.
Josef Eckert
Betreff: Re: [Healeys] RE vin plates on ebay
Datum: 2017-06-24T08:27:47+0200
Von: "i erbs" <eyera3000 at gmail.com>
An: "josef-eckert at t-online.de" <josef-eckert at t-online.de>
So Josef, other than continuing to be a prick, what is the point of your 
post? If I was trying to hide anything I would not be dumb enough to post. 
The car will stay in the family as my kids want it.the story will stay with 
the car and it will be properly registered if I can complete all the 
paperwork if not, it will stay a bn4 with BT7 upgrades.

Ira Erbs
1959 100-6
MKI engine and disc brakes
excuse typos and strange words my phone wants you to see.

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  Now anybody knows you are going to fake your car and this is illegal in
  some countries.

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