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Now anybody knows you are going to fake your car and this is illegal in 
some countries.
Betreff: Re: [Healeys] RE vin plates on ebay
Datum: 2017-06-22T21:35:20+0200
Von: "i erbs" <eyera3000 at gmail.com>
An: "Mike MacLean" <rrengineer.mike at att.net>
That was my point about my car. With BMHT, I can now have the correct vin 
for the car the engine came out of.

Ira Erbs
1959 100-6
MKI engine and disc brakes
excuse typos and strange words my phone wants you to see.

On Jun 22, 2017 8:00 AM, "Michael MacLean" <rrengineer.mike at att.net
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  Isn't it easy to change chassis ID plates on a 100?  My BN2 was bought
  without any plates on the firewall whatsoever.  Unless it is a 100M,
  there are no numbers anywhere on the car.  I bought a chassis ID plate
  from a local restorer that assured me it was taken off a rusted out car
  that was cannabalized and cut up for scrap metal.  So, I am actually
  restoring a rusted out car by replacing everything behind the ID plate.
  Mike MacLean

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